What kinds of scents do you offer?

You can choose from a selection of six laundry perfumes based on whether you prefer sweet, fresh, floral, or fruity tones.

Parfum Double Y will enchant you with an elegant scent of ylang-ylang flowers.

Frayo will give your clothes a fresh unisex aroma.

The unisex JaLu perfume will envelop you in a fresh aldehydic scent.

Queenka's perfume will bring a sweet fragrance of flowers and summer to your wardrobe.

EmiJa will enrich fabrics with a fruity-spicy scent.

First Dream will soothe you with tones of lavender and vanilla.

If you'd like to try our scents, we recommend ordering samples of our laundry perfumes, as they present a range of fragrances from all our products.

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