Transform your home into a haven of elegance and delightful fragrances with Puella. Our products not only infuse your spaces with captivating scents but also impart a distinctive charm to your interior. Puella introduces quality, style, and scents that will become your household favorites.

Yet, Puella extends beyond the confines of home. Our home fragrances and fragrance tags are perfect companions for the gym, wardrobe, and even your car. Wherever you are, treat yourself to the unique experience of Puella's fragrant offerings.





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Puella Room Spray
from €7.99

Discover the newest and most fragrant world with Puella brand! We bring you luxury room sprays that become an inseparable part of your abode. Our room sprays let you create the...

Puella Fragrance Tag

Puella Fragrance Tag - Refreshing fragrance for every day Product features: Intense, long-lasting, and distinctive fragrance of PUELLA perfumes Appealing design...

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