Let your body be shrouded in the unique scents of Puella. Let the fragrance do the talking for you, unfolding gracefully on your skin. 

Let yourself feel seductive, captivating, and original. It's the scent that helps you define your personality and accentuates your femininity. Our perfumes are crafted to express the uniqueness and beauty of who you are. 

Puella Perfumes delight lovers of fresh citrus, floral-fruity, exotic, and elegant scents, offering every woman the chance to discover her perfect match. 

Containing up to 25% aromatic ingredients, you can take your pick from our selection of six scents. 

Indulge in a captivating experience and luxury with our perfumes, and celebrate each day with the harmony of Puella's aromatic tones. 


Puella Perfume EmiJa, 50 ml

The women's perfume Emija offers you an experience of harmony with fruity and spicy tones complemented by undertones of chocolate and vanilla. Wrap yourself in a scent that...

Puella Perfume Frayo, 50 ml

The unisex perfume Frayo will surprise you with the harmony of fresh mandarin, raspberry, aromatic blackcurrant, delicate rose, a hint of enchanting jasmine, elegant amber, and...

Puella Perfume Double Y, 50 ml

The perfume Double Y is a gem that adorns every woman with the elegance of ylang-ylang flower and the sparkling freshness of orange blossoms and apples, with a subtle undertone...

Puella Perfume Queenka, 50 ml

The perfume Queenka blends delicate, sweet, and summery tones of refreshing fruit, orange blossoms, captivating jasmine, winsome vanilla, and exotic patchouli. Unleash your...

Puella Perfume JaLu, 50 ml

The unisex perfume JaLu blends the scent of fresh mandarin, icy eucalyptus, clean aldehydic notes, and rose, seamlessly evolving in harmony with ylang-ylang flower, orange...

Puella Perfume First Dream, 50 ml

First Dream is the perfume that wraps you in a unique and full blend of sweetness and freshness, in a beautiful combination of lavender and vanilla. Be naturally beautiful and...

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