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Sample Kit - Puella Laundry Perfumes
Tip 6 Washing loads
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First Dream JaLu Double Y EmiJa Frayo Queenka Are you intrigued by our scented fabric softener alternatives but unsure which fragrance would be a better fit for you? We...

Puella Laundry Gel
from €0.99

Puella Laundry gel - Universal laundry gel suitable for all types of laundry with a high concentration of cleaning agents. Features of PUELLA laundry gel: The...

Puella Laundry Perfume - Double Y
YOUR FAVOURITE 1/10/50/100 Washing loads
from €0.99

Double Y Intense Bloom of Ylang Ylang Flower for Your Laundry Skyrocket your laundry routine to new heights with the intense and delightful Double Y Perfume! Our laundry...

Puella Laundry Perfume - First Dream
YOUR FAVOURITE 1/10/50/100 Washing loads
from €0.99

First Dream Sweet Vanilla-Lavender Symphony for Your Laundry Experience irresistible fragrance intensity with First Dream Laundry Perfume. This luxurious Puella laundry...

Puella Laundry Perfume - JaLu
YOUR FAVOURITE 1/10/50/100 Washing loads
from €0.99

JaLu Compelling Freshness for Your Laundry Embark on an intense and pleasant laundry experience with JaLu Perfume. Let your laundry come to life, and your home will be...

Puella Laundry Perfume - EmiJa
YOUR FAVOURITE 1/10/50/100 Washing loads
from €0.99

EmiJa Fruity-Spicy Tones for Your Laundry Set out on an intense and delightful adventure while doing laundry with EmiJa perfume! Our unique laundry fragrance EmiJa...

Puella Laundry Perfume - Queenka
YOUR FAVOURITE 1/10/50/100 Washing loads
from €0.99

Queenka Captivating Sweet Fragrance for Your Laundry Step into the world of sweet scents with our sweetest fragrance for laundry – Queenka! If you have a sweet tooth for...

Puella Laundry Perfume - Frayo
YOUR FAVOURITE 1/10/50/100 Washing loads
from €0.99

Frayo Refreshing Scent for Your Laundry Dive into the vibrant world of freshness with Frayo laundry perfume! Our Frayo fragrance infuses your clothes with a delightfully...

Puella Bath Foam
from €0.99

Dive into the tub with our mega-foaming bath foams, available in all your favorite scents. Unwind in the bath and savor perfect relaxation with our bath foams. Pick your...

Puella Room Spray
from €7.99

Discover the newest and most fragrant world with Puella brand! We bring you luxury room sprays that become an inseparable part of your abode. Our room sprays let you create the...

Puella Perfumed Hand Cream

Puella perfumed hand cream 50ml - Perfect protection for your hands with a touch of luxury scent Product features: Hydrates and softens the skin Nourishes dry...

Puella Fragrance Tag

Puella Fragrance Tag - Refreshing fragrance for every day Product features: Intense, long-lasting, and distinctive fragrance of PUELLA perfumes Appealing design...

Puella Perfume First Dream, 50 ml

First Dream is the perfume that wraps you in a unique and full blend of sweetness and freshness, in a beautiful combination of lavender and vanilla. Be naturally beautiful and...

Puella Perfume JaLu, 50 ml

The unisex perfume JaLu blends the scent of fresh mandarin, icy eucalyptus, clean aldehydic notes, and rose, seamlessly evolving in harmony with ylang-ylang flower, orange...

Puella Perfume EmiJa, 50 ml

The women's perfume Emija offers you an experience of harmony with fruity and spicy tones complemented by undertones of chocolate and vanilla. Wrap yourself in a scent that...

Puella Perfume Queenka, 50 ml

The perfume Queenka blends delicate, sweet, and summery tones of refreshing fruit, orange blossoms, captivating jasmine, winsome vanilla, and exotic patchouli. Unleash your...

Puella Perfume Double Y, 50 ml

The perfume Double Y is a gem that adorns every woman with the elegance of ylang-ylang flower and the sparkling freshness of orange blossoms and apples, with a subtle undertone...

Puella Perfume Frayo, 50 ml

The unisex perfume Frayo will surprise you with the harmony of fresh mandarin, raspberry, aromatic blackcurrant, delicate rose, a hint of enchanting jasmine, elegant amber, and...


Exceptional scents of Puella

Puella is a luxury scent brand that offers a complete range of products to perfume your everyday life.

Envision scents brimming with passion, harmony, and freshness. Our laundry perfumes offer a modern twist to conventional fabric softeners. Infused with fragrance oils, they transform your textiles with just a touch, leaving your laundry beautifully fragrant, soft, and vibrant—even after a spin in the dryer!

Elevate your wardrobe care with our laundry gel! Its subtle scent pairs perfectly with any laundry perfume. This innovative gel works wonders on all fabric types, from whites to colors. Treat your clothes to a touch of freshness and fragrance! 

Nothing completes your living space more than fragrance. Puella brings home scents and fragrance tags that transform your home into a cozy and relaxing haven.

For the ultimate relaxation, dive into luxury with our bath foams. Immerse yourself in rich, intense bubbles and fragrance. Complete your skin care with our perfumed hand creams that hydrate, soften, and absorb quickly for the perfect pampering experience.

Explore our range of six fragrances and select the one that suits your preferences.

We are committed to bringing harmony, luxury, and long-lasting freshness into your home with our products. Step into the world of Puella and discover how every moment can be infused with fragrance and freshness.

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