Are Puella products dermatologically tested?

The company PUELLAvone subjected its laundry perfumes to dermatological testing, which is standardly reserved for cosmetic products.

The dermatological test of Puella laundry perfumes for PUELLAvone, s.r.o., was conducted by the company CENTRUM estetické dermatologie, léčby akné a obličejových dermatóz syncare plus, s.r.o., on 27th September 2023. For more information (including the test results), please refer to the description of the laundry perfumes.

It is important to note that using laundry perfumes is identical to using regular fabric softeners and differs from the traditional application of cosmetic products directly onto the skin.

When used correctly and handled properly, these products are safe for the skin and suitable for their intended use.

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