Puella Laundry perfume - JaLu 

 Perfumed concentrate for washing, which is used as a substitute for fabric softener JaLu

A mixture of flowers and citrus, which will bring you an intense perfumed experience that you will not forget. (Fresh scent)

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Category: Laundry perfumes
Warranty: 2 years

Product description:

PUELLA – Laundry Perfume is the best smelling fabric softener replacement, which is developed on the basis of essential oils. Together with other important elements, it forms a unique composition, thanks to which Puella products are surprising in their intensity. The laundry is long-lastingly fragrant, incredibly soft to the touch and after washing it is also suitable for the dryer. Thanks even to the low dose, the high concentration ensures a very intense aroma compared to conventional fabric softener. After washing, not only the laundry, but also your environment will be fragrant with beautiful smell. It leaves no stains on the laundry, if the recommended dosage is kept.

Dosage: It is a strong concentrate, therefore, only a few drops should be dispensed, thanks to which it is also gentle to your washing machine.

One dose = 5 ml/4 kg of laundry

Instructions for Use: Pour 5 ml of perfumed concentrate to fabric softener dispenser for 4 kg of laundry. There’s no need to dilute the concentrate.

Contains parfum JaLu obsahuje parfum (4-terc-Butylcyklohexyl Acetát, 2-terc-Butylcyklohexyl Acetát, Boisvelone, 2-methylundecanal, Citronellol).

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