Dosage and use

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Dermatologically tested
laundry perfumes


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Recommended dosage of laundry perfumes in general

Pour 5 ml of Puella laundry perfume concentrate into the fabric softener compartment and load 4 kg of laundry into the washing machine. 5 ml corresponds to the amount in the full lid of our 500 ml and 250 ml bottles. With a 50 ml bottle, it is necessary to use the lid twice since its content is only 2.5 ml. For single-use samples, pour the entire content of the sachet into the washing machine's fabric softener compartment. One sample contains 5 ml of concentrate.

Dosage of laundry perfume


SAMPLES: Pour the entire content of the sachet (5 ml) into the fabric softener compartment

50 ML PACKAGING: Pour 2 white lids or 1 black lid (5 ml) into the fabric softener compartment

250 ML PACKAGING: Pour 1 white lid (5 ml) into the fabric softener compartment

500 ML PACKAGING: Pour 1 white lid (5 ml) into the fabric softener compartment


Bath foams


For maximum foaming effect, pour 10 ml of bath foam into the bath under hot running water.


Home scents


Apart from our laundry perfume, we also offer sprays with unique scents for everyday use. We have developed a one-of-a-kind perfume spray collection specifically for use in homes. This product is ideal for textiles, couches, curtains, and cars and as an interior fragrance. We suggest using the spray solely for these purposes.


PUELLA Laundry gel


Follow the instructions provided on the clothing label, the dosing guidelines, and the guidelines for your specific type of washing machine. Do not exceed the washing machine's capacity to ensure that the laundry has enough space for soaking, rinsing, pre-washing, spin-drying/wringing, and the main wash.


To achieve optimal results, it is also important to adjust the product dosage based on the level of staining of the laundry and the water hardness used by your washing machine during the washing cycle.



Dose the laundry gel into the washing machine's detergent compartment, following a ratio of 10 ml of concentrate for every 4 kg of laundry. 


Washing machine and dryer care

The proper care of a washing machine and dryer involves regular cleaning to maintain their performance and longevity in the long run. By following the recommended procedures in the manufacturer's instructions, you can ensure optimal washing and drying results.

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