Dosage of PUELLA laundry perfume:


Dosage in general:

- To use Puella laundry perfume, add 5ml of concentrate to the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine, which can be found in picture no. 1. For a 4 kg / 8,800 lbs. load of laundry, this is the recommended dosage. If you have a 500ml or 250ml bottle, use the total cap or two caps for a 50ml bottle, as shown in picture no. 2. If you have a single-use sample, the entire sachet contains 5ml, sufficient for one washing cycle.

- For optimal results, it is advised to use 5 ml of the product per 4 kg / 8,800 lbs of laundry. Nevertheless, you have the flexibility to modify the concentration of the fragrance by decreasing or increasing the amount used to attain a milder or more robust scent.

Picture no.1


Dosage according to package type:

Sample kit of the Puella laundry perfume:

Disposable samples are for single use, each intended for one washing cycle with laundry weighing 4 kg /8,800 lbs. The entire contents of the bag must be poured into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine (shown above in picture no. 1).

50ml bottle of Puella laundry perfume:

50ml bottles have smaller caps than our other bottles. Each cap on a 50 ml bottle holds 2.5 ml, so to follow the recommended dosage, you'll need to add two full caps into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. Please refer to picture no. 1 for guidance on where to add the laundry perfume for optimal usage.

250ml & 500ml bottle of Puella laundry perfume:

These two sizes have the same cap volume of up to 5ml. One total cap must be put into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine to comply with the recommended dosage. (the place for the product is shown above in picture no. 1)

Picture no.2


Dosing for a washing machine with automatic detergent dosing:

When using a washing machine with automatic dosing, pour the product into the fabric softener container and select the minimum dosage of 5 ml per cycle.


Washing machine and dryer care:

Washing machine:

Properly cleaning your washing machine every once in a while is essential. The recommended cleaning interval varies depending on the type and brand of your machine, as specified in the manufacturer's instructions. However, cleaning your machine earlier is possible if you notice that your washing results aren't up to par before the recommended interval. Several factors impact how often you should clean your machine, including the number of washing cycles completed, water hardness, water temperature during washing, type of laundry, and clothing material.

Ensure to follow the instructions outlined by your washing machine's manufacturer and the cleaning product you use.

What needs to be cleaned?

- Sealing

- Dosing container

- Filter

- Other parts of the washing machine

Picture no.3 This is to point out that the product does not belong outside the designated container in the washing machine. If you accidentally spill the product outside the designated container in the washing machine, wiping the spilt concentrate with a wet cloth is necessary.

Picture  no.3



Before beginning the drying process, it is essential to take the following steps:

- Verify that there is no water accumulation in the container

- Check and clean the filter, removing any accumulated dust

Additionally, it is essential to thoroughly clean the dryer as per the instructions for the specific type of dryer.



Puella room spray

Apart from our laundry fragrances, we also provide sprays with unique scents for everyday use. We have developed a one-of-a-kind perfume spray collection specifically for use in homes. This product is ideal for textiles, couches, curtains, and cars and as an interior fragrance. We suggest using the spray solely for these purposes.


Puella bath foam

Use: For maximum foaming effect, pour 10ml of bath foam into the stream of water.