Maintenance of the Washing Machine and Dryer









Why is it Important to Care for the Washing Machine and Dryer?

The washing machine and dryer are integral parts of our homes and make our lives easier. Proper care of these appliances will help us save money on repairs and extend their lifespan. Additionally, maintaining the washing machine and dryer in good condition contributes to energy savings and reduces negative impact on the environment.

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Washing Machine Maintenance

Proper care for your washing machine is crucial for its longevity and the cleanliness of your laundry.
Here are a few key tips for taking care of this faithful helper:


Regular washing machine maintenance is important. The recommended cleaning interval depends on the type and brand of the washing machine. You can shorten this interval if you notice problems during washing. Reasons for washing machine buildup can be diverse, including the number of washes, water hardness, water temperature, type of laundry, and the washing machine itself. When cleaning, follow the manufacturer's washing machine manual and use the recommended cleaning product.

Complete cleaning. Thoroughly clean the seals, detergent drawer compartment, filter, drum, and other parts of the washing machine.

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Accidentally Spilled Puella Perfume?

Here's what to do:

Wipe the spilled perfume immediately with a damp cloth or paper towel to prevent the concentrate from coming into contact with surfaces and materials.

Ventilate the area thoroughly to disperse the scent as quickly as possible.

Dryer Maintenance

The dryer is a great household helper that saves time spent on hanging and drying laundry. Just like with the washing machine, it's important to pay sufficient attention to its maintenance and cleaning. The frequency of cleaning and required care depends on the type and brand of the dryer. We recommend always following the instructions and advice provided by the manufacturer in the user manual for this appliance. However, to ensure optimal functionality, here are some tips to follow:


Cleaning the dryer filter. The filter captures fibres that accumulate from clothing, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. A clean filter ensures effective drying

Drum inspection. You should also periodically check the drum of the dryer to see if any residual fibres, threads, or other parts of clothing are caught inside.

Check the condensation container. If your dryer is not connected to a drain, regularly empty the water from the condensation container.

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