Are Puella products safe for use during pregnancy?

Puella laundry perfumes, as well as other products, are safe for use during pregnancy and do not affect fertility. Our products are manufactured with an emphasis on quality and comply with strict European Union laws and regulations.

The First Dream laundry perfume in the past contained a substance called Butylphenyl Methylpropional, which was used in the European Union's cosmetics industry as a fragrance ingredient in personal hygiene products, soaps, and hair care products. The product that contained this substance at the time provided all necessary information, including composition and warnings, in accordance with applicable laws.

The use of this substance was restricted and banned from March 1, 2022. The substance was classified as unsuitable due to suspicions of possible negative effects on the human reproductive system. As a result, we removed this substance from the composition of the First Dream laundry perfume.

Based on the ban on the sale of products containing this substance, we withdrew the relevant products from sale from March 1, 2022, and ceased their production.

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