What makes Puella the right choice?

suitable for
people with allergies


Dermatologically tested
laundry perfumes


within 3 days



We prioritize genuine composition and quality of our products

Do not contain
heavy metals

and cruelty-free

No nanoparticles
and microplastics


Unrivalled Fabric Softener Alternative

Our laundry perfumes are highly concentrated and boosted with an oil-based formula rich in fragrant oils. Puella laundry perfumes are an unmatched replacement for ordinary fabric softeners, offering a cost-effective choice for customers who want to achieve high-quality results while saving money. Compared to ordinary fabric softeners, our products prove to be an economical alternative.

Intense and long-lasting scent

Our scented fabric softener alternatives have one clear mission - to deliver quality and a lasting, intense scent right from the very first use. In fact, when it comes to concentration, our fabric softener alternatives outshine the competition in our segment.

You can rely on Puella fabric softener alternative to provide you with the highest fragrance level that lasts longer than any other softener. After using Puella laundry perfumes, you'll enjoy the exceptional softness of your laundry, and it's perfectly compatible with machine drying.

Variety of Scents

With our PUELLA laundry perfumes, you have the opportunity to choose from our wide range of scents. From the sweet embrace of lavender and vanilla of First Dream to the refreshing blend of flowers and citruses of JaLu, the exotic allure of Ylang Ylang of Double Y, the fruity-spicy sensation of Emija, or the enchanting floral-fruit fusion of Frayo. And not to forget, you can also get the sweetest fruit-floral fragrance of Queenka. A scent for every taste!

Laundry perfumes vs. ordinary fabric softeners

When using ordinary fabric softeners, it often happens that you have to increase the dosage up to twice or even more to achieve the desired effect. However, this can have a negative impact, such as clogging the washing machine and clogging the fabric fibers. Moreover, the average dose of ordinary fabric softener can cost you up to 0.45€ per wash.

Puella is the most cost-effective choice not only when compared to ordinary fabric softeners but also to other laundry oils. With our products, you can be sure that your laundry will remain fresh and fragrant long after washing. Our most advantageous and largest packaging, available for an incredible 0.26€ per single dose, is designed for 100 washes, and its total weight is just 0.515 kg (in a compact 500 ml container).

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