Great-smelling laundry: How to achieve a pleasant scent with laundry perfume

We all know the unmistakable smell of laundry fresh out of the washing machine. But what if we could make this experience even better? In this article, we’ll have a look at why you should choose our laundry perfume, what fabrics to use it on, and how it can give your laundry a wonderful scent.


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Why should you choose Puella laundry perfume?

With our laundry perfume, you can turn ordinary washing into a sensory experience. The formula of these perfumes is rich in essential oils, which guarantee long-lasting fragrant laundry.


Puella perfumes are formulated to be gentle on the skin, so they’re also ideal for people with sensitive skin. There is no risk of irritation or allergic reaction.


Our laundry perfumes are free from:

  • heavy metals,
  • pollutant residues,
  • dioxane,
  • SVHCs,
  • parabens,
  • PBT/vPvB substances,
  • microplastics,
  • nanosubstances.


Our laundry perfumes are cruelty free and vegan. That means they don’t contain any ingredients of animal origin and have never been tested on animals.


What fabrics is the laundry perfume suitable for?

There are many laundry products on the market today, but not all of them can take care of a wide range of fabrics with the same gentleness and efficiency. Puella laundry perfume is gentle and suitable for different types of fabric.


Whether it’s silk, cotton, or polyester, this perfume gives them a high-quality fragrance without damaging the fabric itself.


How to add the laundry perfume?

If you want your laundry to have a pleasant scent that lasts longer than with regular fabric softeners, start with proper dosing. 


Here are detailed instructions:

  1. Pour 5 ml of concentrate into the softener dispenser.
  2. Place up to 4 kg of laundry in the washing machine.


What sizes of laundry perfume are available?

  • Single-use samples = 5 ml

Using disposable samples is easy. Pour the whole contents of the package into the softener dispenser and place up to 4 kg of laundry in the washing machine.


  • 50 ml bottle

If you have a 50 ml bottle, keep in mind that it has a smaller cap. One cap holds 2.5 ml, which means you will need two full caps for the recommended dose.


  • 250 ml and 500 ml bottles

Both bottles have 5 ml caps, so all you need to do is to pour one full cap into the softener dispenser.


How to achieve a more intense or more subtle scent?

The ratio of 5 ml of concentrate per 4 kg of laundry is the recommended dosage, but you can always add less concentrate for a more subtle scent, or more concentrate for a stronger effect.


TIP: Remember to take proper care of your washing machine

Dust, dirt, and limescale can affect the quality of the wash, as well as the resulting scent of your laundry. To let the Puella laundry perfume shine to its full extent, it is extremely important to ensure that your washing machine is clean and working properly.


Recommendations concerning the intervals and methods of cleaning differ depending on the make and model of your washing machine. When cleaning your washing machine, follow the instructions in the user manual carefully.


By cleaning the drum, door seal, filter, and dispenser regularly, you will ensure that your laundry is always clean and the scent of your laundry lasts longer. On top of that, taking care of your washing machine extends its overall lifespan.


Choose high-quality laundry perfumes from Puella

At Puella, we focus on bringing you only the very best – for you, your laundry, and our planet. Turn your laundry washing routine into an experience and give your laundry the exact scent you wish with the help of Puella perfumes.

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