What types of payment are available?

You can make your payment immediately with a credit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Payment can be made upon receiving the package using the cash-on-delivery method.

More information about payment methods can be found here -

How does cash-on-delivery payment work?

You can make a cash-on-delivery payment upon receiving the package from the courier or at a pickup point.

You can pay by card or in cash (we recommend verifying this option in advance).

When will I receive the invoice?

We will send the invoice to your email immediately, but no later than 24 hours after receiving payment for your order.

If a payment is unsuccessful, what happens next?

In the case of an unsuccessful card payment, we automatically send an email containing a blue button for online payment reattempt.

If you wish to change the delivery method to cash-on-delivery, please contact us.

If you prefer online payment but are unable to retry the payment, please create a new order and remind us to delete the original order.

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