Is it suitable for allergy sufferers, children, infants, and animals?

Puella products are also used by people suffering from allergies and eczema, and they are a preferred choice for families with children and newborns. They are also dermatologically tested. The dermatological test of Puella laundry perfumes for PUELLAvone, s.r.o., was conducted by the company CENTRUM estetické dermatologie, léčby akné a obličejových dermatóz syncare plus, s.r.o., on 27th September 2023. For more information, including the test results, please refer to the description of each laundry perfume.

You can adjust the dosage of the products according to your needs. If the fragrance is too intense, we recommend reducing the dosage by half.

They are also suitable for washing textiles intended for animals. However, unlike humans, animals have a much more sensitive sense of smell, so in this case, we also recommend reducing the dosage by half.

To try our fabric softener alternative, you can order Puella Sample Kit HERE.

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