Which product would you recommend as a gift?

If you're unsure which scent would your loved ones like, we recommend choosing one of the various gift pack sizes available on our e-shop in the gift packs section.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Are you looking for the perfect gift to fulfill the recipient's wishes?

A gift voucher offers endless possibilities, allowing everyone to find what they love.

Gift vouchers are available in our online shop in denominations of 10, 30, 50, and 100 €.

More information about vouchers can be found at the link: www.PUELLAscents.com/gift-voucher

How to redeem a discount code?

To redeem a discount code, make sure you enter it in the shopping cart on our e-shop, in the first step labeled 'Shopping Cart,' within the field named 'Insert Discount Coupon'.

How can I place an order for Puella?

You can order our products on our e-shop at www.PUELLAscents.com where you can choose the method of delivery, payment options, and various product variations.

Each product includes up-to-date information, such as price, detailed scent description, composition, dosing instructions, and other helpful details.

Can I place an order for international delivery?

We only deliver shipments within the European Union, excluding Malta.

What happens after completing an order?

First, we perform a check of the accuracy of the order details and contents.

Subsequently, your order is processed in the warehouse, packed, and prepared for shipment.

After the package is sent for delivery, the customer is always informed via email with a tracking number, allowing them to track the delivery and know when it will be delivered.

What if the product I wanted to purchase is already sold out?

In the event that any of our products are currently unavailable in stock, we always strive to inform our customers about their availability via email or through our website and social media.

This way, we aim to ensure that you receive timely information about the availability of products that interest you.

Therefore, we recommend actively following at least one of these communication channels to stay well-informed.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, we can cancel your order, even after it has been dispatched. We refund the money after confirmation from the carrier that the package is returning to us.

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