Are Puella products suitable for activewear?

Yes, our laundry perfumes and laundry gels are suitable for activewear.


Benefits of our products:

  • Preserves fabric breathability: The composition of our products ensures that your clothing remains breathable, which is crucial for activewear.
  • Preservation of elasticity and shape: Puella products do not contain ingredients that could compromise the elasticity and flexibility of your laundry.
  • Gentleness: Thanks to their oil-based formula, the dosage of our laundry perfumes is much lower compared to ordinary fabric softeners. This means our products are gentler on your laundry as well as on your appliances and their internal parts. The low dosage of perfumes does not strain fabrics in comparison to typical fabric softeners.


Recommended dosage

Laundry Perfumes

For achieving perfect results, simply pour 5 ml of concentrate into the fabric softener compartment for every 4 kg of laundry. This small amount of laundry perfume ensures that your activewear will be perfectly clean, fresh, and ready for further use.


You can adjust the dosage according to your preferences, depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance.


Laundry Gel

Use 10 ml of concentrate per 4 kg of laundry.

To achieve optimal results, it's also important to adjust the dosage of the product based on the level of soiling of the laundry and the hardness of the water used by your washing machine during the wash cycle.


Soft water Hard water
Slightly soiled 10 ml 12 ml
Heavily soiled 12 ml 15 ml


Additional instructions for washing activewear

  • Follow the instructions on the labels of your garments: Each piece of clothing may have specific washing instructions that should be followed to maintain its properties.
  • Recommended temperatures and cycles: Wash at temperatures and cycles recommended for your specific activewear to preserve its functional properties.
  • Avoid using too high temperatures: High temperatures can damage elastic fibres and reduce the effectiveness of activewear. Generally, temperatures between 30 - 40 °C are suitable.

Would you like to learn more about our products and their proper use? Visit our detailed dosage instructions page:

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