What can Puella products be used for?

Puella products are recommended to be used only in accordance with the instructions on their labels, specifically for their primary purpose.

Laundry perfume

Laundry perfume is intended not only for everyday laundry, but you can also use it when washing towels, bedding, or other textiles such as blankets or curtains. This way, you'll not only scent your clothes but your entire home.


Some customers have also confirmed to us that they use laundry perfume for washing floors or in diffusers. However, in such cases, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness or safety of this use, as the product was designed and tested primarily for washing textiles.


Bath Foam

Our bath foam is designed for you to enjoy a perfect, relaxing bath with a pleasant fragrance. Simply add a few drops to warm water and indulge in the scent and comfort.


Room Spray

Room Spray is a great way to freshen the air and fabrics in your household. You can use it in various rooms such as the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Just spray it into the air or on fabrics like curtains and cushions to enjoy a pleasant scent.


Are the products suitable for households with children and pets?

Yes, all our products are carefully formulated with safety and quality in mind. Before use, always read and follow the instructions on the labels to ensure they are used correctly.

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