How to Scent a Wardrobe Easily?

Who wouldn't love that feeling of fragrant and clean clothes taken out of the closet? Wearing such clothes makes one feel better immediately. But how can you achieve a long-lasting fragrance that scents both the closet and the clothes? In this article, we will look at various methods and tricks to ensure your closet always smells fresh and pleasant.

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1. Fragrance Tags

One of the easiest ways to keep clothes smelling good is to place fragrance tags or bags in your closet. These products are available in a variety of scents - from fresh citrus to delicate floral essences.


Just hang the tags between clothes or put them on the shelves. You can place the bags in drawers or between folded clothes.


When choosing a scent, consider seasonality - for example, fresh scents are suitable for summer, warmer spicy notes for winter.


2. Laundry Perfumes

For a long-lasting effect you can also use special laundry perfumes with beautiful scents to make your clothes smell better.


Puella laundry perfumes provide an irresistible fragrant experience and are a great alternative to traditional laundry softeners. Thanks to the unique formula and combination of fragrance oils, your laundry is guaranteed to smell and feel fresh for a long time.


You can choose from a wide range of different fragrances: from lavender and vanilla, to floral-citrus aromas, ylang ylang, fruity-spicy and refreshing scents, to sweet notes.


3. Natural Homemade Solutions

If you prefer natural alternatives, there are plenty of options to make your own scented sachets at home:


  • Lavender sachets. Lavender not only has a pleasant scent, but also relaxing effects. Simply place dried lavender flowers in small cloth bags.
  • Lemon peel and cloves. This combination not only smells lovely, but also repels moths. Grate the lemon zest and mix with whole cloves.


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Tips on How to Make the Scent Last as Long as Possible


  • Clean your closet regularly

Keep the cabinet clean and dust-free. Wipe it regularly with a slightly damp cloth. This will remove dirt and ensure that clothes do not absorb unwanted odours.


  • Natural raw materials to absorb odours

Place natural odour absorbers in the closet such as sachets with coffee grounds, baking soda, or charcoal. These materials help neutralise unwanted odour.


  • Good ventilation

Make sure your cabinet has sufficient ventilation. Occasionally leave it open for a few hours to allow the air to circulate freely and for the scent to spread naturally.


  • Investment in quality scent

Invest in perfumes or fragrance tags that are specially designed for long-term use. Strategically place fragrant elements throughout the closet, especially in areas where you store frequently used clothing. This way, the scent will spread evenly.


Scent Your Closets

Whether you choose scented products from the Puella range or prepare your own natural scented sachets, scenting your closet can be easily and effectively achieved with these tips.

If you're not sure which scent suits you best you can order a sample kit of laundry perfumes to test all our scents. From our wide range  you can easily choose the scent that best suits your style and needs.

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