Laundry perfume: What are the benefits compared to regular fabric softener?

Nowadays, many people are willing to spend large amounts of money on luxury perfumes to accentuate their personality. But what if you could transfer the same distinctive scent to your clothes? If you’re tired of your clothes losing their freshly-washed smell after a few short hours, let us introduce you to laundry perfumes.


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What’s a laundry perfume?

A laundry perfume is a specially designed product that adds a distinctive and long-lasting scent to your clothes. These perfumes are designed to keep your laundry smelling nice and fresh for a long time after washing, without the need for fabric softener.


Laundry perfume is made with natural essential oils, plant extracts, and scented oils designed to make your laundry smell fabulous. Fabric softeners, on the other hand, use conditioners such as quaternary ammonium compounds, which make clothes feel soft and reduce static cling. These chemicals can build up on the fabrics over time and lower their absorbency.


Advantages of laundry perfumes over fabric softeners

  • They don’t clog the washing machine

Unlike some fabric softeners, laundry perfumes are designed not to leave unwanted residue in the washing machine. In this way, they extend the life of your washing machine and reduce the need for frequent cleaning.


  • Unique luxury fragrances

Laundry perfumes offer sophisticated and unique fragrances that let you express your personality through the scent of your clothes.


​​You can choose from a wide range of fragrances, from fresh summer scents to warm and sensual ones.


  • Compact and long-lasting packaging

Thanks to its concentrated formula, you only need to use a small amount of perfume per wash, which means one pack will last much longer.


  • They don’t clog the clothing fibres and don’t compromise functionality

Laundry perfumes are designed not to clog the fibres of your clothes, ensuring that they stay soft and breathable.


  • A high percentage of essential oils

Thanks to essential oils, the scent is both intense and long-lasting. Additionally, you can regulate the amount of perfume based on the intensity of the fragrance you want to achieve.


  • Safe and eco-friendly formula

Many laundry perfumes are made from natural ingredients without added softening agents and other chemicals that can be found in fabric softeners.


Laundry perfumes don’t contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, pollutant residues, dioxane, SVHCs, parabens, PBT/vPvB substances, microplastics, or nanosubstances. This ensures that they are both environmentally friendly and safe for your clothes and your skin.


Puella – the premium choice for laundry perfume

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