Discover Benefits of Puella Laundry Gel in Various Packs

For coloured, white or black linen? For delicate or durable clothes? With Puella Laundry Gel you don't have to make difficult decisions. It is suitable for all types of fabrics and takes care of a pleasant scent. There are three new sizes to choose from depending on whether there are more of you at home, you do a lot of laundry or only once in a while.

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5 benefits of Puella laundry gel

What benefits can laundry gel offer? You might be surprised.


1. Gentle care for your clothes

Puella laundry gel contains special cleaning agents and enzymes that effectively remove dirt and smell even at low temperatures. It is suitable for both hand and automatic washing, gently cleaning and protecting the colors and texture of fabrics. This allows you to wash delicate sportswear or children's clothing with it.


2. Easily combinable with fabric softener or perfume

Have you ever experienced that the scent of laundry gel and fabric softener didn't complement each other? Puella laundry gel has a gentle, unobtrusive fragrance that allows other laundry care products to shine. Therefore, you can purchase any fabric softener or laundry perfume to use alongside it.


3. For smaller and larger quantities of clothing

Puella Laundry Gel is available in different packs - 1 litre, 0.5 litres and 250 ml, depending on the size of the household, the amount of laundry and frequency of washing.


What volume of laundry gel to choose and why?


  • If you have a larger family or need laundry gel for more demanding washing, we recommend choosing the 1-liter packaging. It lasts for 100 washes, depending on water hardness and the amount of soiled laundry. 
  • For smaller families, we recommend the 500 ml packaging, which is sufficient for approximately 50 washes. It contains the same amount of active ingredients as the one-liter packaging, so your laundry will be equally clean and fresh.
  • The smallest pack with a volume of 250 ml is ideal if you live alone or with a partner and wash less frequently. This pack lasts for approximately 25 washes, depending on the hardness of the water. The 250 ml pack is also a great choice for traveling.


4. Quality and harmless composition

The laundry gel does not contain heavy metals and is suitable for allergy sufferers. You won't find any microplastics in it and vegans can use it without worry as well.


5. Suitable for all types of washing machines

You can use Puella laundry gel in various models and brands of washing machines, regardless whether they are front-loading, top-loading machines or high-efficiency (HE) machines that require special low-foaming cleaning agents. The gel is effective in different washing machine cycles, including gentle wash, intensive wash, or economical and ecological programs.


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Advantages of using laundry gel over powder

How is washing gel better than powder?


Less consumption, longer endurance

Laundry gels are more concentrated than laundry powders which means you need less of it for the same amount of laundry.


Thorough dissolution

Unlike powders, gels do not leave white marks on clothes and do not clog washing machines. If you have hard water gels are a better choice because they don't create a calcium film.


No fear about spilling while dosing

The gel is in liquid form, making it easy to pour directly into the detergent dispenser. Therefore, measuring the correct amount is easier compared to powder. Simply pour the desired amount of gel according to the amount of clothes and level of dirt. Instructions can always be found on the packaging.


Effective stains removal

The laundry gel contains concentrated ingredients that effectively remove stains and ensure the cleanliness of fabrics. The gel penetrates deep into the fibers, resulting in perfectly clean and refreshed clothing with a pleasant scent.


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Effective even with short cycles

Unlike powder, gel works immediately from the start of the wash and therefore achieves high efficiency even with short wash cycles. 

Whether you have a lot of coloured clothes at home, black is king in your wardrobe or you're going through piles of children's clothes, Puella laundry gel can cope with every type and color of textiles.

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