How to Buy Puella Laundry Perfumes

Welcome to your roadmap for the journey from purchasing a product to its delivery at your doorstep. We guarantee this journey will be an adventure filled with anticipation and perhaps a dash of suspense. But fear not! We're here to guide you every step of the way.


Shopping basket with perfumes 

Since you're flipping through this guide, chances are you're gearing up to snag one of our products. Your first move? Hit up our page at Don’t be shy—invite your family or even the neighbours over for a browse. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be basking in the aroma and freshness emanating all around you.


Search for the products that catch your eye and toss them into your cart. It's a huge perk knowing that the scent making all the neighbours turn their heads will be wafting out of your place (talk about free advertising!).


Move on to the next step or backtrack to the store and keep filling your cart with more goodies (a step you're bound to take after trying our products, so we recommend shopping wisely).


Remember, the internet has it all—from broken hearts to broken packages. To save you both nerves and money, don't forget to add breakage insurance to your virtual cart. Keep your package intact and your heart unbroken.


The next step in ordering your coveted scent is Shipping and Payment. Here, not only do you choose your payment method but also your delivery option (if you're making a big purchase, you can cheekily tell your husband it's because you read on our site that "Husband Pays" will soon be an available payment option). Then, hit the "Continue" button.


Up next is filling in your details (personal and billing information) so we know who and where to send the package to. Feel free to have it delivered to the neighbours, but we can't promise that your order will make it back to you in one piece.


Finally, hit the "Order with obligation to pay" button. Here comes the double thrill: ours, because after your order confirmation, we can't wait to start packing your parcel; and yours, because after purchasing, you're brimming with joy and anticipation. This moment is like the first glance at a potential partner. It's a blind date—you don't know exactly what to expect, but you believe it's going to be something great.


Once the package is ready, we hand it over to the courier, hoping it reaches you just as we packed it. You know how it goes—not every courier has their best day, every day, and we're left hoping this one got up on the right side of the bed. So, as the saying goes, your long-awaited package is now in the hands of fate.


Fear not, we've got a trick up our sleeve for this too. Our hands carefully wrap each package to ensure it's snug and secure for its journey. We employ an arsenal of packaging materials, including sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and cushioning material.


Once your product is shipped, it's time to track the parcel online. You'll receive a tracking number, opening up the possibility to follow your shipment's journey. Now, you can channel your inner detective and sixth sense. Tracking your package is like therapy—it helps you cope with the wait. You'll monitor every move, from the moment of dispatch, through the enigmatic international sorting centres, right to your doorstep.


Puella perfumes in the basket 

When your shipment finally nears your home, it's time for a showdown with the courier. You didn't think buying laundry perfume or a home scents would turn you into a treasure hunter, did you? It's like swiping an artefact from a temple filled with passive-aggressive traps. But don't give up! Be bold and prove to the courier that you're a champion at claiming your well-deserved trophy.


At last, when the product turns out to be as fantastic as you envisioned, it's time for a joyous victory lap. Celebrate and sing your own praises because you've nailed it. You've become a master of online shopping!


Now we have something in common. Both you and we hope that when you unwrap the package, you'll be over the moon and completely satisfied.


For further inquiries, check out our FAQ section. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please get in touch with us—we're more than happy to help.



Thank a bunch, Team Puella ♥

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