Marketing cooperation

Join forces with the fastest-growing laundry perfume brand as an influencer, promote our products, and capture the hearts of your followers.

We're seeking those who share our love for our products and the values they representLet's team up!

Our products are spreading like wildfire across 26 countries worldwide! With a range featuring 6 exclusive scents across over 42 products, we're adding that extra sparkle to our customers' daily grind, enriching lives one spritz at a time.

Terms of Cooperation

We zero in on: fragrance; care; laundry; and a sense of luxury.

We understand, many of you share similar interests, but it's vital to us that your followers resonate with our values.

When selecting partners for cooperation, we lay emphasis on meeting the following conditions:

1. The reach and number of fans should exceed 50,000.

2. The target audience is women over 25 years old.

3. Statistics of your profile for the last 30 days (content and community interactions). Also, data on the age and gender distribution of your follower.

4. We prefer long-term collaboration.

5. Platforms: TikTok, Instagram (video + photo).

We want our collaboration to be a win-win and genuine partnership.

Therefore, if you're interested in cooperating with us, we'd love to take a closer look at your platform, content, and how engaged your community is.

If you believe we can create valuable content together and elevate our brand, kindly send your cooperation idea and stats at:


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