How to dose Puella laundry perfume in case I have a washing machine with AutoDose - automatic fabric softener dosing function?

Puella laundry perfume is highly concentrated, so its dosing compared to regular fabric softeners is several times lower. Therefore, it is necessary to set the automatic dosing of the washing machine so that the default amount for one dose is 5 ml per 4 kg of laundry. For the correct adjustment of this ratio, please follow the instructions provided in the washing machine user manual or contact the manufacturer of your specific washing machine model.

Tip: If you're having trouble setting the ratio to ensure the correct dosing of Puella perfume, make sure that the fabric softener compartment is empty and doesn't contain any other fabric softener. Then pour the required amount of perfume into the compartment and add an equal amount of water to match the volume of one standard dose in the washing machine's automatic dosing (if your washing machine model allows for it).

When using this procedure, the washing machine automatically dispenses only the poured amount of Puella perfume during each laundry cycle. Note that this dosing needs to be repeated before each new wash.

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