Are you an influencer who is interested in collaborating with us?

Dear potential influencers,

We want to provide you with some vital information regarding our terms of collaboration. Our main priority is to offer high-quality fragrances, self-care products, laundry essentials, and a luxurious experience. We aim to work with individuals who genuinely share our passion for our products and the principles we stand for. We understand that many of you have similar interests, and it is equally important to us that your supporters or fans also share these values. While selecting partners for collaboration, we prioritize and emphasize the following:

1. The reach and number of fans should exceed 50,000
2. The target group is women over 25 years old.
3. Statistics of your profile for the last 30 days (content and how your community reacts to it)
4. We prefer long-term cooperation
5. Platforms: TikTok, Instagram (video+photo)

To consider working together, we must review your platform, content and community engagement to ensure mutual benefit and authenticity.

If you think we can create valuable content and strengthen our brand, please send your cooperation ideas and statistics to We would be happy to discuss all the details with you.

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