How is top-notch perfume defined, and how does it differ from eau de toilette and eau de cologne?

We've all been there, lost in the cosmetics aisle, puzzled by the mysterious abbreviations like EdT, EdP, and EdC. Often, we're left scratching our heads, clueless about what these cryptic initials mean, how to navigate the sea of scents, and how to pick the perfect perfume for work, an evening out, or those warm summer days. Let us guide you through the maze of abbreviations and help you pick the right perfume concentration for every occasion, making it as easy as pie.


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Whether a flacon of a favourite scent is labelled as cologne, scented water, eau de toilette, or perfume depends on the proportion of the perfume composition – perfumed oil – in concentrated alcohol. The higher the ratio of fragrant components in alcohol, the more concentrated and long-lasting the scent will be.


To maintain a pleasant and fresh feeling whether you're lounging at home or out in nature, opt for a flacon marked EdC (Eau de Cologne), a type of cologne with a 3 – 5% concentration of fragrant substances. This scent persists for 2 to 3 hours, necessitating more frequent application.


For a touch of a slightly higher proportion of fragrance essences, get a glimpse of EdT (Eau de Toilette), the toilet water with up to 8% fragrance oils. Perfect for daily wear and the workplace, its intensity won't invade the personal space of those around you. Its scent lingers for about 4 hours, so if you're aiming to stay enveloped in its aroma all day, you'll need to tuck it into your purse for a midday refresh.

If you want your scent to stand out from dawn till dusk or to sparkle on an evening date, definitely reach for a flacon labelled EdP (Eau de Parfum) – perfumed water. With a fragrance concentration of 8 – 15%, it's the perfect middle ground between eau de toilette and perfume, boasting a lasting power of 5 to 6 hours. This means a single application is all you need to sail through the day.


Flacons of perfumes

The pinnacle of luxury, coveted by every woman, is the flacon marked with a P – perfume. Boasting a concentration of fragrance essences around 30%, it's perfectly suited for special occasions or evening events when you aim to bewitch your surroundings with a unique and intense fragrance. Perfume not only adds a touch of exclusivity but also accentuates your personality.


Dive into the world of amazing perfumes with the exquisite and unique scents of Puella's collection. Renowned for their high concentration of fragrance essences, up to 25%, you can choose from six signature Puella scents that set this brand apart.


EmiJa perfume will captivate you with a harmony of fruity and spicy notes, enriched with undertones of chocolate and vanilla. Queenka surprises with a blend of delicate and sweet summer tones of refreshing fruit, orange blossom, enchanting jasmine, alluring vanilla, and exotic patchouli. First Dream offers the sophistication of velvety vanilla tones paired with the joyful freshness of lavender. Double Y adorns every woman with the elegance of ylang-ylang flower and the sparkling freshness of orange blossom and apple, gently underscored by cedarwood and a powdery note.

Lastly, we have two unisex fragrances.
Frayo is a magnetic sporty-elegant scent, blending fresh tangerine, raspberry, aromatic black currant, delicate rose, with a drop of enchanting jasmine, elegant amber, and powdery musk. JaLu harbours the sweet freshness of fruity components, combined with a sense of purity created by eucalyptus and aldehydic tones, gently underscored by sandalwood, patchouli, and a powdery note.


Puella Perfume

The renowned fashion designer Christian Dior once said, “A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”


Whether you choose a gentle eau de toilette, a more distinctive scented water, or an enchanting perfume, in any case, let your scent speak for you.

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